Mahoni.com is a Mobile Application Developer company  that uses IOS Apple as the operating system. Mahoni.com has been built on October 2009 in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

As a mobile application developer, Mahoni.com is would like to participate to give some more portfolios in their expertise. By the raise of mobile gadget nowadays, Mahoni.com truly believes that there will be millions of applications for this technology in future times. Hence, this brings a mission for Mahoni.com to create as many as they can applications that can be accessed by the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users.

The Operating System

Although, the current operating system in use is only about Apple operating system, but they will not stoned at the moment and willing to work in other field of expertise like Android operating system or even Windows operating system. By all of these applications, Manohi.com is hoping to provide some valuable contributions from a young nation to be a reference to be business opportunities and help those who want to channel their ability to create a masterpiece that will be easy and simple yet valuable.


Komplek Pertokoan Rungkut Megah Raya J – 11
Jl. Kalirungkut No. 5
Jawa Timur
Telephone: +62-31 8702211
Fax: +62-31 8709727

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